Custom Window Makers

Create the perfect home with windows designed specifically for your needs. TrueGuard Renovations customizes windows that will brighten up your home. Whether you’re building a new one or renovating your current residence in San Diego, our custom window installation service will assemble the perfect panes and rails for your property.

Our custom window portfolio features all kinds of odd yet gorgeous projects, with various shapes, hardware, and configurations. Whatever your idea is, we’ll make it a reality.

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Go Beyond Ordinary Windows

Your windows are an important part of your house’s design, so TrueGuard Renovations will put together frames and materials that match the facade you envision.

Your windows will:

Give Your Home the Perfect Look – You’ll achieve the picture-perfect facade you imagined. Whether you want tall, slim glass windows or round ones with custom-etched glass, we’re up to the challenge.

Integrate with Unique House Features – If your home has special architectural features, like corner sills, latticework, or geometric windows, we can create the panes that fit like a glove.

Make Your House Energy Efficient – Energy efficiency will not be compromised. Our well-insulated customized windows will keep you comfortable year-round in San Diego.

Come with a Warranty – You have the peace of mind that your windows are backed by a warranty.

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Work with Seasoned Craftsmen

TrueGuard Renovations prides itself in being one of the most creative window makers in San Diego, creating works of art that reflect the taste of homeowners. Our team:

Allows You to Get Creative

We grant you access to a wide array of hardware, materials, and colors, so you can put together unique windows.

Pays Attention to the Smallest Details

No detail is too small for our team. Measurements are precise, paint colors are perfect, and windows are intelligently configured.

Sticks to the Schedule

We have an efficient team that meets the deadline, so construction.

Cleans Up After Installation

Our team will take care of the cleaning, once installation is done. No trace of recent window installation will be left.

Make your home stand out in San Diego

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