About Us

Your home is the only corner in San Diego you can call your own, which is why it deserves the best materials and the highest craftsmanship. This is the mantra that TrueGuard Renovations lives by. We understand how important your property is, so we channel years of experience into every window or door we install.

Trusted Since 1996

With over two decades of experience, our team has handled various projects and solved all sorts of installation issues, from oddly shaped windows to elaborate archway designs. Whatever challenge your home presents, we’ll find a workaround.

Moreover, we have established a streamlined workflow that ensures our team’s efficiency. Members of our experienced team are willing to go above and beyond their duty to achieve the perfect result.

Our in-house manufacturing team, for instance, oversees each order as it is made, to ensure quality from design to installation. Moreover, our assembly line helps clients save costs because they don’t have to deal with middlemen.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Since it is your home, we make sure that you are happy with your new windows and doors. We’ve cultivated a customer-centric culture, where we value your preferences and special requests. We have a high level of collaboration with our clients because we want the final windows and doors to look exactly as you have imagined.

Expect flawless installation of custom products from our team. We survey your home closely to make sure the windows and doors fit perfectly and match the look and feel of the property.

If you’re not sure where to begin, our team will guide you through the process. We’ll help you identify the best solutions for your windows and doors.

Protecting Your Family

We believe that window and door installations go beyond aesthetics and longevity; we have a role to play in protecting your family.

So we source only high-quality materials from vetted suppliers. We take our time installing the products (but finish the project on time). All of our windows are glazed with the latest UV protectants to guard your family from harmful UV rays and keep indoor temperatures comfortable.

Quality products, efficient installations,
and impeccable customer service — only from TrueGard Renovations.